chasing waterfalls

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Obviously, Leonardo visited the Kuang Si falls. His quote perfectly describes my feelings when visiting these sensational waterfalls in Laos. Mother Nature in all of her glory!

Our waterfall trek began on a 45 minute chillier-than-we-thought tuk tuk ride!

Our waterfall trek began with a 45 minute chillier-than-we-thought tuk tuk ride!

The Kuang Si Waterfall Park is a collection of multi-tiered waterfalls. The falls begin in shallow pools on top of a steep hillside. These lead to the main fall with a 200 ft cascade. The water collects placidly into numerous bright turquoise pools as it flows downstream. Most visitors to Luang Prabang, Laos make this a must-do day trip. You can see why in this video (and we DID go chasing waterfalls!):

The many aqua pools are considered safe to swim in but because of the chilly temps, I did not bring my bathing suit. During the warmer afternoon, I REALLY wanted to jump in and regretted not having my bathing suit. However, I have since learned that there are leeches in the water that might have been unpleasant. Also present… harmless little fish that attack dead skin on swimmers’  feet. Shoot…I have paid for that service at a fish spa!

We had a delightful lunch at the Cafe Bel Air that included Mekong River weeds. Nearby in the park, is a Bear Rescue Centre for endangered Asiatic black bears that have been rescued from poachers. We just missed the 12:30 feeding time but did enjoy seeing them lounging about.

Tasty Mekong River weeds

Tasty Mekong River weeds

The journey to these waterfalls was definitely the highlight of my trip to Laos. There is nothing quite like the powerful rush of waterfalls contrasted next to still pools of water. A feast for all senses and an experience I will long treasure. Saigon LOVE to all, Lisa

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  1. debbie vogt
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 00:10:48

    WOW! Absolutely stunning! Living vicariously through you! Love ya!


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