take me to the river

Riding on the Irawaddy River

Cruising the Irawaddy River

One of the highlights of our trip to Myanmar (Burma), was seeing the powerful Irawaddy River. This river is over 1,350 miles long and flows north to south through the middle of the country. It is Myanmar’s largest river and vital to their economy. As early as the sixth century, this river was used for trade and transport. The river still plays a  huge economic role transporting rice, teak and other important goods.

While cruising on the river, it was obvious that the Irawaddy also plays a significant role in the day to day life of people in Myanmar. People were trading, bathing, swimming, doing laundry, working and savoring life all along the banks. And the sunset I experienced was nothing short of spectacular! Here’s a tiny peek into life on the Irawaddy River:

Saigon LOVE to all, Lisa

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  1. backpackerlee
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 18:03:56

    I only saw the Irrawaddy from Bagan, I didn’t get to cruise on it, but it is one of my favourite rivers, after the Mekong.


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