sweet adelaide

Adelaide in South Australia really was quite sweet AND chilly.

Majestic vistas in Adelaide

One day after returning from my trip to Central Vietnam, we flew nine hours to the land down under. Paul is under contract with Santos and their headquarters are in Adelaide. Lucky me got to accompany my beloved on this work trip. We stayed in the Santos staff house located smack dab in the middle of the city and only two blocks away from the largest concentration of retail in all of Australia. Worked for me!

Bustling Rundle Street Mall

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia and the fifth most populous city in Australia. Unlike many other areas in Australia settled by prisoners, Adelaide was a freely settled British province. Early Adelaide was shaped by religious freedom and is called the “City of Churches”. There seemed to be an awe-inspiring cathedral on every corner. Many are now restaurants, shops and even a nightclub called Heaven.

How exquisite is this church?

The lush mountain landscapes were dazzling.  I especially enjoyed my trip to the picturesque German settlement of Handorf in the mountains above Adelaide. I even saw kangaroos on the way up. Unfortunately, I was not quick enough with the camera…but, you already know what they look like!

 German settlement of Handorf

The Adelaide mountains are renowned for their wineries of which Shiraz is the most popular variety. I was fortunate enough to sample just a few…

One of many beautiful mountain vineyards.

Took a tram to charming Glenelg beach.

 Toured this famous (and scrumptious!) chocolate factory.

I also became a big fan of the local brew, Cooper’s Pale Ale.  Before imbibing, you are advised to roll the bottle so that the sediment is not concentrated at the bottom.

Bloody good!

The only drawback to this little trip was that Paul had to work. :( Didn’t even get a pic of us for Saigon Love. But, we did enjoy some tasty dinners and I loved meeting some of the Santos folks. Thanks for letting me tag along, baby.  You’re a pretty awesome bloke!


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