cu chi, cu chi, coo!

This morning I traveled one and half hours from Ho Chi Minh City by speedboat on the Saigon River to visit the Cu Chi Tunnel.  Although my posts attempt to be lighthearted, please know that I was very moved by the suffering and sacrifices that occurred here during the Vietnam War.  The 75 miles of tunnels were used by Viet Cong guerrillas as hiding spots and to stage operations.  They were important in resisting American troops and dragging out the war which eventually ended in an American withdrawal.  I was most struck at how creative the Viet Cong were without resources to wage war. This drawing illustrates a typical area of a tunnel.

I always try to accessorize appropriately and today I felt it was fitting to wear my peace earrings and my Gucci sunglasses since I thought they rhymed with “Cu Chi”.

However, Cu Chi is not pronounced the English way it is spelled.  Listen to how my tour guide, Ha, says it:

And here is the video of  my Cu Chi Tunnel tour:

OMG! I almost forgot to tell you…I had yet another lesson while at the Cu Chi tunnel.  Learned to shoot an AK-47. Hard to say for sure, but I think I hit all of my targets.

War, I despise because it means destruction of innocent lives
War means tears to thousands of mothers eyes
when their sons go to fight and lose their lives

PEACE and love to all, Lisa


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