shots, shots, and more shots!

Unfortunately, we are not talking about this kind!

Today, I finished all of my vaccinations (for at least three years, anyway)! It started out with Hep A & B and tetanus before coming to Saigon. Over the past month, I have been immunized for rabies, typhoid, meningitis, and Japanese encephalitis at the International SOS clinic. Here I am getting my last two injections:

Many in my family will be shocked by my calm and mature demeanor in this video. There was a time when I procrastinated even getting my kids their vaccinations because I could not bear the thought. Not saying I got used to it, but it definitely got easier by the last round. Maybe I will celebrate with that other kind of shot…

think i would rather acupuncture

I have had psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for over 20 years and although mild, I have never been able to get it into remission.  I read somewhere that some have had success with acupuncture for this condition. So, I went to the Traditional Medicine Acupuncture Hospital to see if they could help.

Acupuncture was not one of the remedies they prescribed for me.  Instead, I am put on a four-pronged regimen that includes a very nasty herbal drink, herbal shampoo and soap that I have to cook myself, calcium (pina colada flavor!) and a restricted diet.  JUST when I finish blogging about the virtues of shrimp and shampoo in Saigon…shrimp (along with chicken, beef, yogurt, and refrigerated fruits) have been removed from my diet, along with body soap and SHAMPOO!  I am going to try for one week. But, seriously, if I have to drink this horrid concoction for more than one week, I won’t be able to do it.  You can see me trying the drink for the first time in this video (I have been dying to try the iMovie capture camera for something!):

While researching Vietnamese Traditional Medicine (sometimes called Alternative Medicine by us Westerners), I learned some interesting things.  Although Vietnamese and Chinese Traditional Medicine are often lumped together, there are in fact substantial differences.  Vietnamese Traditional Medicine is based more on the use of fresh herbs (I can attest to that!).  Traditional medicine has been around Vietnam for several thousand years. Unfortunately,  the cost of treatment has risen in recent years and is no longer the medicine of the poor.  It is now more likely to be the middle classes and foreigners. like myself, who find their way to the Vietnamese traditional physician. LOVE to all, Lisa

singing in singapore

Actually, I do kind of feel like singing today.  I could be wrong again, but I think my stomach bug is finally gone.  Unfortunately, it wreaked havoc with my itinerary as I had to spend three mornings at the Raffles Hospital getting IV antibiotics.  There is a BIG silver lining here, I do NOT have typhoid fever which was the leading diagnosis on the first day!  If you’re going to be sick, Singapore is a good place to do it, especially with specialists like Dr. Leong Hoe Nam at the Raffles Hospital.

My new friend, Dr. Hoe Nam

Here I am getting my third and final round of IV antibiotics.  The nurses were awesome.  They even brought me lattes and cookies! I also used the time to bone up on my sudoku skills.

You may be asking yourself…how did Lisa get to the hospital?  Well, by Singapore’s version of a cyclo, of course! Differs from Vietnam in that driver is beside you vs. behind you.

Lots to share from Singapore. Unfortunately, my internet access is limited, so may be a couple of more days before I catch you up.  LOVE to all, Lisa

a little piece of heaven…

…marred only by a nasty stomach bug I got on the first night. On Friday, we drove four and a half hours from Saigon to pretty Mui Ne beach and checked into the idyllic CoCo Beach Resort for a getaway weekend.

Paul checking us in our beach bungalow in Mui Ne

Our bungalow was right on the beach with the lulling sound of the surf our entire stay. And yes, Tony, fresh squeezed juice was delivered upon arrival! Although rustic in appearance, the bungalow was equipped with all modern conveniences (including a mosquito net bed canopy!).

Room with a view

Mui Ne is said to be the best place for fresh seafood.  Unfortunately, my tummy prevented us from venturing too far from CoCo Beach to find out.  Also, didn’t get to find out if Mui Ne had cyclo drivers :( . The restaurant had a nice snack bar near our lounge chairs and another restaurant we enjoyed on the beach.

Here are some more Mui Ne snaps:

The silver lining in my heavenly cloud?  My hubby passed the “in sickness and in health” promise with flying colors!  I am married to a very caring and compassionate man. Thanks, sweetie.


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