singing in singapore

Actually, I do kind of feel like singing today.  I could be wrong again, but I think my stomach bug is finally gone.  Unfortunately, it wreaked havoc with my itinerary as I had to spend three mornings at the Raffles Hospital getting IV antibiotics.  There is a BIG silver lining here, I do NOT have typhoid fever which was the leading diagnosis on the first day!  If you’re going to be sick, Singapore is a good place to do it, especially with specialists like Dr. Leong Hoe Nam at the Raffles Hospital.

My new friend, Dr. Hoe Nam

Here I am getting my third and final round of IV antibiotics.  The nurses were awesome.  They even brought me lattes and cookies! I also used the time to bone up on my sudoku skills.

You may be asking yourself…how did Lisa get to the hospital?  Well, by Singapore’s version of a cyclo, of course! Differs from Vietnam in that driver is beside you vs. behind you.

Lots to share from Singapore. Unfortunately, my internet access is limited, so may be a couple of more days before I catch you up.  LOVE to all, Lisa


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